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Ref' Sheet - Dagny by StarkHolmes Ref' Sheet - Dagny by StarkHolmes
Feel free to ask any question, though I may be slow to answer...

----- Facts not on the reference -----
'Dagný' in icelandic or old norse means 'New Day'.

ný is an Arctic Fox coming from a land similar to Iceland( or Iceland itself depending on how you want to interprete my universe). She lives between the shore and "inner" land.
In real life you can find two variants of Arctic foxes: the white one and the blue one. Both are the same species and it's only a matter of genes. Foxes living closer to the shore tend to be "blue"( actually a dark brown-grey color) and the color remains so all year long. Foxes living further away from the shore are "white", their fur becomes white in the winter but dark brown like a blue fox in the summer with the exception of the belly staying white. It's only a matter of adaptation: snow is never really present by the sea so becoming white is not an advantage, you want to stay "blue" to fit in with the rocks and other stuff. Blue foxes are more common in Iceland than anywhere else in the world. Both phenotypes can mix together, mostly where the "shore" area and the "land" merge together. Sometimes, though not common, foxes with a blue and a white parents get a mix of colors: they tend to be blue with a bit of white here and there, and in the winter the fur can become white but still with some blue here and there. Though there's not much on internet about this, I got to see it in Hornstrandir in summer 2016 where I was monitoring a den: the father was blue, the mother white, two of the pups appeared blue but the third one was a perfect mismatch of white and blue colors.
You can guess that's what Dag
ný is, a mix of white and blue phenotypes. Hence why she retains some white in the summer, some blue in the winter.

----- FAQ -----

Can I draw her?
Of course you can! Don't forget to show it to me and credit me as the owner of the character too.

Can I use pictures of her? For RPG, forums, websites, anything?
Yes as long as you keep the name and credit me( give credits to my Wolf250 gallery, thank you)

----- Picture used here -----…

----- More references here -----…

Everything (C) :iconwolf250:
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