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2005 to 2012. by StarkHolmes 2005 to 2012. by StarkHolmes
Instead of doing a meme I haven't done in the last 2 years or more, here are some of my "best personal picture" of each year, from 2005 to 2012. Nothing fantastic but of well.

2005: during the second half of the year I discovered internet and more importantly BaltoSource french website and decided to try myself on art. First with Adobe Illustrator then on Adobe Photoshop 5.5. Created my own character and all that. Very unconfortable on shading as I though there was a magical option on Toto(I mean Photoshop) to do it, such a disappointment to find out there is not such thing...

2006: got Photoshop CS2 that year, having fun playing with the grass and the leaves brush tools. They're ugly but oh well, I could draw backgrounds at least!

2007: got a graphic tablet but it wasn't working very well at all, still better than using the mouse and stuff. Practising a lot with backgrounds but Toto set of brushes is crap, I was frustated and my shading confusing and dark...

2008: I started downloading A LOT of brushes on deviantArt and played with it non stop. Then many things happened to me that year, things that changed my life forever... and it showed in my art strangely enough. Got a new laptop and a Wacom Bamboo Fun, had to work on Photoshop Element 5 with a lot of tools and brushes missing.

2009: A HUGE new step in my art. Many huge steps actually. Thanks to good critics and advices, help and tips I learned how to do lovely lineart on Photoshop and color the lines, so everything now look neat and clean, much better than inking with a pencil on a paper and coloring on Photoshop. And I could keep the original sketches done on paper that way, instead of erasing everything just to have that black hugly lineart. Later in the year someone pointed out using brushes from dA was like cheating, like the picture is not 100% mine and somehow I could only agreed... So I started doing my own background 100% home-made. Big changes in shading style too, going for a hard cell-shading instead of a blurry or confusing one, now more detailed and taking a lot of time to do. More time spent on my art = more self-satisfaction in the end.

2010: Many people told me my shading is barely visible, so I learned to use stronger contrast. I've also been told my pictures look 2D-ish, like in retro-gaming which made me very happy. I decided to explore this idea of old games-like backgrounds. Got Photoshop CS5 somewhere along the way too.

2011: Still more practise on background, perspective and anatomy... Hmmf...

2012: First, and only, attempt at a traditional background, and still practise on background. I decided, after an helpfull critic regarding the thickness of my lines and the absence of line for most of the backgrounds, to just ink about everything... Grass and snow aswell.

2013: Got Photoshop CS6 somewhere during the first semester. Less time, less motivation, less satisfaction in my art... Trying new stuff for the grass though, learning to blur stuff in the distance and whatnot...…………

2014: Still not much free time nor motivation... Nothing new related to my art to be honest. Just going back to more classic simple poses, I felt after year of dynamic, epic, impossible poses I didn't know how to draw simple but realistic poses while trying to make them a bit interesting...…………

2015: Big changes in my life again, but not as dramatic as in 2008 lol. Much of it for the greater good( for me anyway). Not much art really, just very simple stuff to make more recent reference sheet of my characters, I still have to make 4 of them...………… Trying to go back to drawing dragons like I used to do from time to time in 2006-2008…

2016: We'll see... Not much free time, even less than ever before in my life lol. And art is not at all the main thing on my mind. Anyway, there're still 2 pics' in the making and many projects, just need time and motivation x) As of today I'm still using Toto CS6, my old trustworthy Bamboo Fun from 2008 and all that. Somehow I can't draw on paper again, everytime I try I don't like it, at all... Seems like I lost this ability somewhere in summer 2015... Sketching directly on Toto with the tablet is fun, but I miss using the wooden pencil and paper... >_>'
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